Forever Smitten is a program that offers services to help couples in committed relationships maintain lasting love.  We offer a variety of services from special occasion reminders to customized date suggestions and special events.  Currently, Forever Smitten is only available in Omaha.  Contact to find out when Forever Smitten is coming to your community!

Smitten Singles offers support to singles in finding lasting love by offering meet-up style events and resources such as educational sessions and access to a network of professionals such as coaches, stylists, and more.  Smitten Singles is currently offering live events in Omaha, Lincoln, and Des Moines.

The Smitten Project is committed to supporting our local community.  All of our brands seek locally-owned businesses for our mixers and date experiences.  Additionally, The Smitten Project has committed 5% of our membership revenue from both Forever Smitten and Smitten Singles to charitable causes through our Smitten Cares brand.