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About Us

Welcome to Smitten Singles the site designed to be a virtual resource for singles looking to make real connections.  Smitten Singles is a program of The Smitten Project.  At The Smitten Project, we believe that healthy relationships are critical to happiness.  As technology has entered our lives, it has become easier to connect with people in a virtual environment – so easy that sometimes we lose sight of how to create and manage relationships in the real world.  The Smitten Project and its programs are designed to help you make and maintain real relationships with yourself and those you love.

Smitten Singles is not a dating site – it’s a virtual resource for real connection. Through the site, we will build a comprehensive resource base to assist singles in finding happiness and connection in the real world.  We currently offer live events that connect singles with each other.  We create opportunities for people to step outside their comfort zone, expand their social circle, and discover all that life has to offer.

We are consistently adding new services to the site to assist singles with navigating finding and maintaining love.  We will be leaning on our membership to help identify the services they desire most.  Together we can grow Smitten Singles to be a true resource for people in our community to find a real connection.