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About Smitten Match

Experience the magic of Smitten Match – the ultimate group matchmaking designed to promote genuine connection. Smitten Match is your opportunity to meet individuals who have been carefully selected based on shared interests, values, and compatibility factors.

To join Smitten Match, simply fill out a profile at the link below. This profile will provide us with valuable insights to help us find the perfect match for you. Please note that you may fill out a profile for Smitten Match without a membership, but you must be a Smitten Singles member to attend our exclusive Smitten Match events.

Our Smitten Match events offer unique group activities such as speed dating and meet-ups, designed to foster meaningful connections and create an environment where sparks can fly. Whether you’re an introvert seeking a low-pressure setting or an extrovert craving the thrill of meeting new people, Smitten Match has something for everyone.

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Note: Please remember that a Smitten Singles membership is required to attend Smitten Match events.  Smitten Match events will be scheduled as groups of compatible participants are identified.  Having a Smitten Singles membership does not guarantee an invitation to Smitten Match events. 

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Smitten Match FAQs

We understand that every member is eager to participate in our Smitten Match events, and we appreciate your patience and understanding regarding our matching process. If you have further questions or concerns, please feel free to contact our support team at We’re here to assist you!

What is a Smitten Match Event?

 At Smitten Match events, individuals who have been selected based on shared interests, values, and compatibility factors come together to participate in unique group activities such as speed dating, meet-ups, and mixers. 

Does a Smitten Singles membership guarantee an invitation to a Smitten Match event?

No, a Smitten Singles membership does not guarantee an invitation to a Smitten Match event. While we value all our members, event invitations are based on matching dynamics and the number of people in our database with similar characteristics. You can increase your chances of being included in a Smitten Match event by ensuring your profile is complete and accurate.

How does the matching process work for Smitten Match events?

Our matching process for Smitten Match events is based on the data and preferences provided by our members, and invitations are determined by matches identified by our database. We aim to ensure the best possible matches, which sometimes means that we need a certain number of people with complementary characteristics in our database. If we don’t have a suitable match for you at a particular event, it doesn’t reflect your value as a member; it’s just a matter of numbers and compatibility.

Prioritization for Smitten Match ticket access is based on membership level, with Premier members getting the first access to events for which they may be a fit, followed by Essentials and Introductory.  If spots remain after all active members have been invited, we will notify non-members of their compatibility with the event and invite them to join our membership to receive an event invitation.  All individuals matching the event criteria are invited to participate, and tickets are sold on a first-come first-serve basis.

Rest assured that our selection process is designed to create an environment where sparks can fly and meaningful connections can be made. The more information you give us in your profile – the better our matching will be!

Are there any additional benefits to having a Smitten Singles membership?

Absolutely! In addition to access to Smitten Match events, members receive discounts on general events, access to members-only events, group chat for spontaneous meet-ups, and priority access to new features. We continue to expand our services and provide members with support services to help them find and maintain lasting love.

Why do I need to be a Smitten Singles Member to participate in Smitten Match events?

A Smitten Singles membership is essential for several reasons. First, the membership fees help offset the costs associated with the advanced software and tools that we use to ensure a seamless and enjoyable experience for our users. These tools are fundamental to the operation of our events and maintaining the high quality our users have come to expect. Second, by requiring membership, we can foster a more committed and sincere community of singles, which elevates the quality of the interactions and connections made during our events.  Finally, membership ensures that we can enforce our code of conduct which allows us to track and monitor any complaints or issues, ensuring that those who breach our code of conduct can be identified and addressed accordingly.

In addition to the ability to attend Smitten Match events, our members receive discounts on general events and access to members-only events.  Our Essentials and Premier members have access to member chat for spontaneous meet-ups and other resources to help increase their success in finding lasting love. 

How often are Smitten Match events held?

We hold Smitten Match events regularly. Even if you aren’t matched for one event, there are many more opportunities in the future where you may find a suitable match.

We are currently hosting live Smitten Match events in Omaha, Lincoln and Des Moines.  We are offering virtual events nationally, as compatabile participants are identified.

What if I only want to attend one Smitten Match event? Do I still need a membership?

Yes, a Smitten Singles membership is required for all Smitten Match events, regardless of how many you plan to attend. This policy ensures consistency and quality across all events. Remember, the membership comes with a range of other benefits, so even if you’re attending just one event, you’ll still get added value from your membership.

If I'm not invited to an event, does that mean there's something wrong with my profile?

Absolutely not! Not receiving an invitation to a particular event is simply a result of the current dynamics in our database. It does not imply any shortcomings in your profile. We encourage members to keep their profiles updated, as the matching landscape is always changing.

Can I increase my chances of getting an invitation to a Smitten Match event?

While the primary factor for event invitations is matching compatibility, ensuring that your profile is complete, accurate, and updated can potentially increase your chances. This helps us have a clear understanding of your preferences and characteristics, making it easier to find a match for you when the opportunity arises.

Additionally, Smitten Match event invites are provided to Premier Members first, followed by Essentials and then Introductory Members.  If space remains in a Smitten Match event, non-members are informed of their compatibility and given the opportunity to join our membership for an invitation to the event.  All individuals meeting the event criteria are invited at the same time, based on their membership level, and tickets are available on a first-come, first-serve basis.  

Smitten Singles offers many other services with membership, and Smitten Match prioritization is just one.

I don't live in Omaha, Lincoln, or Des Moines. Can I still participate in Smitten Match events?

Yes, absolutely! While we currently offer live events in the mentioned cities, we also host virtual Smitten Match events that you can join from anywhere. This gives everyone the opportunity to participate and connect with potential matches, regardless of their location.

How are the charges for Smitten Match events determined?

The charges for Smitten Match events are based on the type and scale of the event, venue costs, logistics, and other associated expenses. We strive to keep these costs as reasonable as possible while ensuring a premium experience for our attendees.

Why are there additional charges for Smitten Match events beyond the membership fee?

The Smitten Singles membership fee covers access to our platform and its features. However, Smitten Match events have their own set of expenses such as venue costs, refreshments, and staff operations. The additional charges for these events help offset these specific costs, ensuring we provide a high-quality experience for all participants. Additionally, charging for the event ensures that the costs are paid by those using the service instead of the general membership.

Are the virtual Smitten Match events also chargeable?

Yes, while virtual events might not have venue costs, they do have other associated expenses such as software licenses, hosting, and staff support. The charges for virtual events help cover these costs.

Are there plans to expand live Smitten Match events to other cities?

Yes, we are always evaluating the interest and demand in various regions. As soon as we recognize that there’s enough interest in a particular area, we will consider expanding our live Smitten Match events to that location.  Encourage your friends to fill out a Smitten Match profile so we know there’s interest! 

How can I express my interest in having live Smitten Match events in my city?

If you would like to have live Smitten Match events in your city, please let us know by submitting a Smitten Match profile – and sharing it with others in your area. The more interest we receive from a specific area, the more likely we’ll expand to that location.

Why do I need separate logins for Smitten Singles membership and Smitten Match?

Smitten Singles membership and Smitten Match are two distinct systems, designed to cater to different aspects of our service. To maintain the integrity, security, and efficiency of each system, they operate separately, hence the need for different logins – for now.

We prioritize the security and privacy of our members. Both systems employ stringent security measures to ensure your data is protected. Having separate logins adds an additional layer of security.

Can I get a refund if I don't enjoy the Smitten Match event or change my mind about the membership?

We always strive for the satisfaction of our members. If you’re unhappy with your experience, please contact our support team. While memberships and events are generally non-refundable, we’ll certainly listen to your concerns and do our best to address them. 

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